Manual Directory Submission

The manual submissions will be done in directories which are search engine friendly, non reciprocal and are being indexed by search engines regularly. Before submitting a site we do a prior check to ensure your site is not already listed there so as to avoid duplication. Manual Submissions are been done with care and in accordance with the web directories guidelines. All Manual Submissions will be done by our expert team members who are proficient in their work.

Manual Directory Submission Services (Standard)

300 Directories 35 USD
500 Directories 50 USD
1000 Directories 100 USD
1600 Directories 125 USD
2000 Directories 200 USD
2500 Directories 250 USD
3000 Directories 300 USD
4000 Directories 400 USD
5200 Directories 490 USD
100 Directory Submission 10 USD

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